Ian often comes across talented colleagues who have more to give. They might be:

  • Looking for a new role whilst still employed
  • In transition from one role to the next
  • Employed and wanting to complement their main role with something additional
  • Retired or semi-retired and looking for new areas to contribute
  • Offering professional services and have capacity to take on new work

The Talent Pool is a place where you can offer yourself to Ian’s network of colleagues. If you would like to give more of yourself, please describe your experience and expertise in a paragraph and send by clicking here

Approved descriptions will be posted in the Talent Pool section of the website. Your identity will remain anonymous until you choose to become known to interested parties.

Below is the current talent pool list:

Dynamic, engaging, innovative and strategic executive with a talent for spearheading extensive cultural and organisational business transformation programs, challenging paradigms, and improving organisational effectiveness whilst focusing on the bottom line, growing revenue and profitability growth is seeking a fulltime role or consulting opportunities.

Talented finance executive and company director seeking board appointments. Expertise in private wealth management, corporate finance, corporate governance and risk management, strategic human resource management. Currently a senior leader in an iconic blue chip financial services business and holds various board appointments. Well qualified with a Masters in Applied finance from Macquarie University, a Bachelor of Commerce and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Innovative Business and Personal Branding Specialist and web design. Works with a select group of clients who are leaders in their fields to position them as a leading authority online. Will create an authority branding strategy for you, premium web design and content marketing strategy. This website is an example of their work.

Proven Business Improvement and Strategy Specialist who has successfully managed and led organizational strategy and industry planning across different industries nationally and internationally. Currently using these skills to form the Child Health Research Center on behalf of UQ’s Faculty of Medicine and Biosciences. As an experienced Board Director and Executive Manager with an Executive MBA from QUT, this specialist welcomes an introduction to a new challenge either as a Board Director or Executive Manager.

Energetic HR Professional with diverse industry background (consulting, mining, energy). Currently in Continuous Improvement Projects. Would appreciate Board Membership and new opportunities.

Talented learning and change management professional seeking consulting opportunities (A mining and construction HR, Training and HSEC background). Expertise in improving the performance of organisations through a focus on front line operational teams. Does this by reviewing and improving team’s organisational structures, establishing role clarity, defining operational routines and then supporting the change to establish and maintain agreed standards. Has national and international experience. Well qualified with an MBA in HR, Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies and numerous statutory qualifications in Qld Coal Mining management and training.