Strategic Guide

Ian offers tremendous expertise in solving complex and highly sensitive people, leadership and organisational development issues.

Known for his ability to quickly unravel seemingly intractable situations to provide fast and ethical strategic guidance with a clear path of action, Ian is an asset to Boards and CEOs of both public and private companies.

Ian provides a range of strategic advisory approaches, including one-to-one consulting, team facilitation and large group exploration. Fees are usually based on face to face time.

Please contact Ian for a confidential discussion regarding your strategic direction.

Strategic Guide Recommendations

Over the 5 years that I have known Ian he has supported me in a number of areas. Coaching, mentoring, leadership challenges, career outplacement, new business opportunities and strategic planning and execution. Ian is a genuine and insightful individual with significant “real life” experiences at individual, team and Board levels. I have no hesitation in providing a recommendation for any business that may consider utilising Ian.

Paul Lynch
CEO at Stream Claims Services
Ian has worked with me for over 10 years, mentoring me as a leader and businessman. Most recently we have had conversations about the next chapter in my career. We have talked about company structures, business plans, consulting processes and have even touched on some personal matters. In these areas I find Ian to be helpful, knowledgeable and insightful. He helps me by guiding my thinking whilst still leaving me room to make my own judgements and decisions. Based on these conversations I have decided to set up a new business. Ian is also assisting me in working out what to do next in areas such as planning, business structures, fee structures and even website design

Bryan Granshaw
Managing Partner Granshaw Farming Company

Strategic Guide Case Study

An international mining company engaged Ian to help a group of executives and community members determine its desired objective of contributing to the local community of about 50,0000 people. Ian worked closely with the steering committee to help them articulate their objectives, understand the overt and covert needs of both the company and the community and reframe the objectives.
One of the company’s overt objectives was to develop an approach that could be a model for the rest of industry. After extensive investigatory work facilitated by Ian, it set a very generous budget for the initial program and made a commitment to fund the agreed outcomes into the future.

The development of a detailed project plan was facilitated by Ian and the international Board approved the program to dramatically raise the education levels of workers and their immediate families and to provide further education opportunities to existing staff in trade and professional roles.

The program continues today and is an exemplar of corporate social responsibility.