Non Executive Director

Ian Sampson is a highly sought after Non-Executive Director and Advisor. He combines his legal and business qualifications with commercial acumen, governance experience and a long career in some of the world’s largest companies to provide insight and expertise for Boards and clients.

Currently Ian is a Director of Lysaght Peoplecare Ltd, a Director of Sugar Research Australia Ltd. Chairman of The Leadership Foundation, Chairman of the People and Governance Committee of Q Energy Pty Ltd, a Director of 139 Club Ltd, a Director of Yungaburra Pty Ltd, a syndicate Chairman of the CEO Institute, and an Associate Director of AMPLIFi Governance.

His previous Directorships include Tianic25 Educational Foundation, The Sugar Research and Development Corporation, CSR Sugar, Refined Sugar Services, Koppern (Aust), BHP NZ Superannuation Fund, EEO Trust of New Zealand and SA Institute of Technology.

Ian is currently available for selected Board placements as a non-executive director. Organisations with the best fit are likely to be small to medium public or private businesses or not-for-profit enterprises. Board fees are based on organisational policy and market needs.

Ian brings tremendous knowledge and experience to Boards, particularly in the area of people and culture. Combined with critical thinking, Ian adds exceptional value.

Please contact Ian for further discussion regarding your board needs.


Having worked with Ian over the past six years as a fellow Board member, there are a number of standout qualities I admire: Ian is a savvy, eloquent and self-aware communicator. Ian sparks insightful and intelligent discussion at the board table balanced by strong commercial understanding of the business we govern. It is clear Ian has the intellectual horsepower to genuinely understand the complexities of this business and see emerging themes in strategy and risk. Importantly Ian’s genuine passion for business and people shines through, espoused through his style, engagement and preparedness in Board meetings. Ian is a colleague I would sincerely recommend for Board and Executive coaching engagements.In the eight years Ian has been a NED at our 100 million dollar company his exceptional input to our board has contributed significantly to our success. I have used him to specifically lead our Nominations, Development and Remuneration committee at Peoplecare where his knowledge and contacts have produced outstanding results. His overall board contribution doesn’t stop within his committee work as he is also a first rate contributor on a whole range of board deliberations. He critically examines the issues and his input is highly regarded by all his board colleagues and the company senior executives. Ian would be an asset to many boards wanting a clear thinking, highly intelligent and honourable director. (Norman Branson, Chairman LysaghtPeoplecare Ltd and former Commonwealth Private Health Insurance Ombudsman)

Andrew Gregory
Head of Financial Planning, Hillross and AMP Financial Planning at AMP
Ian is a very experienced and knowledgeable director who would grace any board. His background as a lawyer and company executive provides him the perfect expertise to perform at the highest level as a director. He is measured and composed which are also essential attributes for board leadership. I would not hesitate to recommend Ian to any board position for which he was qualified.

Bill Owens
Chief Executive Officer, Veracity Business Solutions

NED Case Study – NED Lysaght Peoplecare

Ian has been a Director of Lysaght Peoplecare Ltd since 2006. He is currently Deputy Chairman. During that time Peoplecare has transformed from a restricted membership fund to a public company offering a wide range of health insurance and related services to over 50000 Australians. During his time on the Board, Ian has participated in the company’s expansion to provide health insurance services for the Reserve Bank of Australia and a religious denomination, the commencement of new optical and dentistry businesses and a major increase in travel insurance.

Employment and profits have more than quadrupled in that time.

There have also been significant challenges. Early in his term Ian and the Board were confronted by the multi-million dollar collapse of a major investment in Collateralised Debt Obligations. The Board worked resolutely through the issues and ultimately achieved a satisfactory outcome.

The private health insurance market has been under intense competitive pressure for many years. In 2008 Ian strongly supported the development of a major rebranding, communications and marketing initiative which contributed significantly to the business’ growth. At the same time significant initiatives were undertaken with the Commonwealth regulator, PHIAC, to build further on Peoplecare’s excellent reputation and in 2015 Peoplecare has been instrumental in the establishment of Members Own Health Funds, a collaboration of mutual funds designed to challenge the major market participants.

Ian Chaired the Nominations, Development and Remuneration Committee from 2006-14, serves currently on the Audit and Compliance Committee and has served on the Business Strategy and Audit Committees.