Management, Managerial Leadership and Leadership

Management, Managerial Leadership and Leadership

Management is about organising systems to work faster, better, cheaper and produce more, reflecting the principles that underlie them: Quality, Cost, Rate and Quantity.
Of course, management must occur in a context of legal compliance and risk management.

Management is about control.
People who work in organisations are part of management systems and are therefore subject to managerial control.
This is the work of managers today: controlling others. If it is done effectively morale, engagement, job satisfaction and the like are all high.
Much of management today is about manipulation. Done well, manipulation is the handling of a person or thing with care. Chiropractic manipulation is a good example, when done well. Poor manipulation occurs when managers control others as an end in itself. This is the reason why so many support functions in organisations are struggling to make a difference: they exist to control others for their own professional, personal or organisational ends.
Control of others is also the reason why so many organisations are failing as sustainable entities: people increasingly don’t want to work in organisations where procedures and systems make them servants of the system rather than enable them to do productive, high quality work safely, legally and cost effectively.

Leadership is about organising people to enable them to work faster, better, cheaper and produce more. Leadership therefore overlaps with management, at least in relation to the people component of organisational systems. Managers manage things; leaders lead people. This might be called managerial leadership.

But. Organisations thrive not just through great management. They also require great leadership. Leadership is about calling followers to clarify who they are in a situation, to create a future that they can be part of, to give them an opportunity to choose what to do next and to do all that with high regard for the welfare of their followers.
Leadership is about creativity, purpose, intention and care.

Good leaders take whatever training, experience and self awareness they have and use it to create leadership opportunities. Great leaders learn to continually improve their effectiveness through reflection, coaching and by constantly putting themselves in places of opportunity.

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