Leadership and The 12 Days of Christmas

Leadership and The 12 Days of Christmas

“Almost Christmas!” a friend exclaimed in March!
How the year is flying by.
Perhaps it’s flying by because you are reading too many Google entries and posts on Leadership. There are 500 million (if Google can and really do keep track after the first few million!)

It’s hard not to be dazed by the constant flow. Just for fun, I picked out some for the 12 Days of Leadership.

12 Leadership Behaviours that Build Team Trust
12 Leadership Lessons from Special Operations
12 Habits of Exceptional Leaders
12 Leadership and Happiness Tips from the Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey(!)

11 Leadership Strengths That Can Turn Toxic
11 Leadership Lessons From The Brits.
11 Principles of Leadership
11 Leadership Secrets You’ve Never Heard About

10 Impressive Characteristics Great Leaders Have life
The top 10 Leadership Skills
10 Leadership Techniques for Building High Performance Teams.
10 Leadership Survival Tips.

Top 9 Leadership Behaviours That Drive Employee Commitment
9 Qualities of a Leader.
9 Leadership Behaviours that Drive Customer Loyalty.
9 Leadership lessons From The Game Of baseball.

The 8 Dimensions of Leadership
8 Skills Every Leader Must Master
Harvard Says These 8 Leadership Traits Are Critical For Success.
8 Massive Mistakes Companies Make About Leadership Development

The 7 Crucial Skills Of Leadership.
7 Leadership Mistakes To Avoid In 2016

6 Leadership Styles And When You Should Use Them.
6 Emotional Leadership Styles- Changing Minds.
6 Leadership Traits You Need to Develop On The Job.
6 Leadership Traits Seldom Mentioned.

The 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership
Level 5 Leadership: The Triumph of Humility and Fierce Resolve.
5 Leadership Lessons from Dogfish Head’s Founder
5 Leadership Styles Good Bosses Avoid Like The Plague

Which of These 4 Leadership Styles Are you?
The Four Leadership Traits That Translate To Business Success
4 Leadership Milestones To become A Great Leader
4 Leadership Imperatives For Humanitarians

3 French Hens

2 Turtle Doves and

A Partridge In A Pear Tree (Taa Dah!)

If you are are keen to build your leadership before next Christmas, come to The Leadership Foundation’s next event on 20th April. www.theleadershipfoundation.com.au or call Ben Baldwin on
0400 743 170. We provide opportunities to build on whatever foundations of leadership you already have through courage, reflection, high quality relationship building and self planning. It’s fun and effective. You’ll be warmly welcomed. But no partridges!