Executive Mentorship & Life Direction For Senior Leaders

When senior leaders come to the point in their career when they ask the question – “Where to next”?, Ian Sampson is able to offer intuitive advice and profound perspective.

Based on a deep drive to assist leaders fulfill their highest potential and purpose, Ian is able to guide executives through a powerful process which provides the strong self insight needed to make solid decisions for life direction.

Ian has a 6 month life direction for senior leaders program which drills down to the deepest levels of life purpose and life direction for the individual so that they can ultimately tap into their strongest values, their greatest skills, and create a very fulfilling and rewarding new path.

The program is offered as a series of monthly individual consultations, and covers the following areas:

  • 1. Your greatest assets, potential and future development
  • 2. Review of your career path and how it has carved the way to fulfilling your ultimate life purpose
  • 3. Life Direction Blueprint. How long do you want to live for and what will you do to create your greatest fulfilment?
  • 4. Practical steps to achieve your Life Direction
  • 5. Identification of the areas you want to make a contribution and the legacy you want to leave
  • 6. Reflection on the program and how you will review your progress and deal with interruptions.

Please contact Ian for a confidential discussion regarding your strategic direction.


In my career transition from a technical role to an organisational leadership role in early in 2000 and for four years, I was extraordinarilyprivileged to report to and work with Ian Sampson, His insight and expertise in dealing with complex organisational issues was invaluable. His executive mentorship of me through this period and in the years that followed have assisted greatly with developing my self-insight and perspective. Ian’s courage to respectfully confront, corral and ethically deal with organisational elephants is an asset to each organisation that he works with.

Since working closely with Ian, I have over the last decade enlisted his support on multiple occasions to assist with strategy planning, executive coaching and on occasions to deal with sensitive people issues. In each circumstance Ian has provided fast and strategic guidance that was immediately value adding.


Michael Boyle
EGM Zero Harm at Downer Mining