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Are you good enough to have a coach?

Everyone should have a coach. This especially applies to leaders of organisations. Coaches don’t just help their clients solve issues. They help people at the top of their game become even better.

Coaches don’t solve problems. They create opportunities for clients to look at situations and see how they can operate better in those situations. Coaches help clients review past situations. They help prepare for upcoming situations.

Good coaches hold mirrors to their clients’ faces and let them see themselves; something we don’t do often enough. Coaches increase clients’ wisdom by helping them increase their awareness. This includes awareness of themselves, awareness of what is going on in the world and awareness of who they are in the world.

Even coaches should have a coach. Good coaches have coaching supervision to keep them at the cutting edge of good practice.

Coaching is a private and confidential arrangement. You probably don’t know which of your colleagues has a coach, but if they are on top of their game, they probably have a coach.

The idea of coaching can be a bit fearful. If this is you, turn towards the fear and seek out a coach.

Good coaches usually begin with a chemistry check. If all goes well an initial assignment may cover an issue a client wants to address. It may alternatively focussed more generally. Good coaching usually involves regular reviews of progress.

If you don’t yet have a coach, give yourself a gift and get one.

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